Gifted is two floors of unique gifts owned by local artist 
Marie Corcoran (and her dog Bo)

Marie has a BFA in ceramics and photography and creates

one of a kind beaded jewelry for the store.

Bo has a masters in begging and greets everyone when they come in.

Unless he's sleeping, which is 90% of the time.

She is just one of over 60 US artists represented at the shop.

(Just look for items with a heart on them to know they are made with love!)

Bo is the only dog at the shop. He's horrible at sharing

(toddlers with cheerios are the exception).

She has a passion for mission trips (check out the missions page).

Bo is obsessed with napping. And cookies.

She is always on the hunt for new and unique items,

which means there is always new product!

Bo hunts for cookie crumbs in pockets.

She loves caramel macchiattos, glitter and of course Bo!

Bo loves to be petted, cookies and anything that squeaks (did I mention he likes cookies?).